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Already have your own Certificate

The previous chapters Docker and Shell have included how to make vocechat-server automatically apply for certificates. Therefore, under normal environment, you do not need to read this chapter. If you already have your own certificate, you can implement it through the following configuration.

1. You need to have a domain name, assuming, and has pointed to the server's WAN IP.

2. Configure config/config.toml

bind = "" # must be 443
domain = "" # Change to your own domain name

type = "certificate"
cert = """....""" # Copy the certificate contents here directly
key = """....""" # The private key is copied here directly

3. Start vocechat-server

vocechat-server config/config.toml

After the service is started, there will be a prompt for certificate application and loading. Note that the vocechat-server itself is a high-performance HTTP server, and there is no need to install and configure nginx. If the 443 port is occupied, you should stop the related services and let the vocechat-server monopolize the 443 port.