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How to backup?

It's simple to backup vocechat-server, copy the data directory while making sure the service is stopped.

  1. Stop service:
docker stop vocechat-server
  1. Backup data:
cp -rf ~/.vocechat-server/data /backup/
  1. Start service:
docker start vocechat-server

How to migrate?

assume the old server is old-server, new server is new-server. they make the ssh trust each other, and installed rsync.

1. install a new version of vocechat-server

adjust parameters of docker:

mkdir -p ~/.vocechat-server/data
docker run -d --restart=always \
-p 443:443 \
--name vocechat-server \
-v ~/.vocechat-server/data:/home/vocechat-server/data \
Privoce/vocechat-server:latest \
--network.bind "" \
--network.domain "" \
--network.tls.type "acme_tls_alpn_01" \
--network.tls.acme.cache_path "/home/vocechat-server/data/cert"

2. Stop vocechat-server on new-server

docker stop vocechat-server

3. copy data from old-server to new-server

cd ~/.vocechat-server/
rsync -av root@old-server:/root/.vocechat-server/* ./

4. start vocechat-server on new-server

docker start vocechat-server