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Connect to your Existing user ID layer

If you already have an ID system on your app and want to connet it ot VoceChat, check this out!


May take around 1h of coding.

Have a running VoceChat app first

You should have VoceChat run somewhere, e.g., You need to be an Admin of this VoceChat server.

Get API token


3rd party APP Secret

Use VoceChat API

After having the API token ready, use VoceChat server API to create the login token for users.

3rd party APP create user


In the API doc, the API we have used is:/token/create_third_party_key. We pass the API token through header, and inside body, you need to fill in the user ID by yourself (userid) and username (username) by yourself as well. The API token has an expiration limit of 2 minites and can be renewed by calling again. We recommend you to get a new API token whenever there is a sign in action.

Sign in

After getting the sign in token, append it to your VoceChat website path like this[token], this URL is the sign in URL to VoceChat for your user.