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Video and Audio Call (Agora)

VoceChat video and audio call requires your own Agora WebRTC API key (free to use, 167 hours free usage per month.)

Apply for Agora API:

1st step:Get Agora project info

Go to settings, you will see the info we need.

Project ID can be found from your URL: e.g.: has Project ID xxx

From generate keys(Customer ID & Customer Secret):

2nd step:Go to VoceChat settings -> Agora

Go to VoceChat settings, copy and paste your Agora project info there:

Now you are all set. Let's use video/audio call!

How to join video/audio calls

There's an icon at the right column of each chat window:


  • is a third party WebRTC service, we found their service stable and has a generous free tier.
  • Agora's 167 hours/month free tier is based on the total usage: if 10 users are using your server for video/audio calls, on average each user can only use 16.7 hours for free.