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VoceChat Brief

VoceChat is a secure chat software that supports independent deployment. The data is completely controlled by the user. It supports the whole process of encrypted transmission and can be burned immediately after reading. The function is inspired by products and specifications such as Slack, Discord, RocketChat, Matrix and Solid. VoceChat server is the smallest, stablest and most efficient independent chat server on today's market.

We believe that the way to live up to the true meaning of the decentralization ideal of Web 3.0 is through de-platformization. Through personalized computing and personalized storage, individuals and organizations can have their own platforms on their own cloud server. Therefore, Vocechat is created and positioned as a social collaboration program that can be easily deployed on the private cloud by any parties.

The team is internationalized and cooperates remotely. The contributors come from the United States, China, Brazil and other regions. The core members include 'MIT' alumni, 'Stanford' entrepreneurial organization members, top Rust developers and open-source veterans. Vocechat is an open-source product with a free community version and only charges for business usages. You are welcome to star, raise issues, and contribute in any form.

Project composition:

Server:Rustdocker imageYesServer Supports platforms: Linux, Windows, Arm32/64
Client:Fluttervocechat-clientYesClient supports Android and IOS platforms
Web:Reactvocechat-webYesWeb App, integrated management
Enterprise SDK:API+SDKcontact usNoChat and video SDK that can be intergrated into your product easily, the SDK will be privately hosted at the server your designate.

Feature List & Roadmap

  • DM & Group Chating / 2021-Q4
  • Reply, @ to mention a person / 2021-Q4
  • Images and large files transmission / 2021-Q4
  • Pin / 2022-Q1
  • Forward / 2022-Q1
  • Favorate / 2022-Q1
  • Burn after reading / 2022-Q2
  • Voice / 2022-Q3 (Enterprise Version, with
  • Video / 2022-Q3 (Enterprise Version, with
  • Webhook+Bot / 2022-Q4
  • Personal AI Bot (Paid Version, with OpenAI)
  • Discord & Slack bridges for data backup(Paid Version, with

Comparison of similar products

Security & PrivacyCompatibilityFunction
TLSClient open sourceServer open sourceIndependent deploymentWebAndroidiOSMacOSWinLinuxMultiple devicesLocal messageFile TransferVoiceVideoMobile UnnecessaryBurn after readingTechnology stackTime
VoceChatRust, Flutter, Typescript2022
RocketChatNodeJS, Electron2015
MattermostNginx, PostgreSQL, Golang, RN2016
SignalJava, Swift, PostgreSQL, Redis2014
TelegramJava, QT2013
DiscordElixir, Python, Rust, C++2015
WhatsappErlang, Mnesia, Lighttpd, XMPP2009
SlackJava, LAMP, JQuery, MacGap, Object-C2013
WeChatC++, Java, Object-C/Swift2011

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