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Frequently Asked Questions

Is VoceChat Free?

VoceChat has a free tier for community server no more than 20 members. You need to purchase a license if your server is larger than 20 members.

Is there a backdoor?

VoceChat has no backdoor, no data collection, everything is hosted on your own server, even the license mechanism is based on RSA and runs locally.

Can't receive notification?

We have a default official setting of the Firebase, which is used to send notification. If Google service cannot be reached by your server or device, then you may not receive notification as expected.

Why am I seeing (Set up Front-end URL)

If your invitation links starts with, you can change it in the following ways:

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Set URL Settings
  • Restart docker and add --frontend_url parameter.
  • The onboarding also has this step (but you might have already finished this part). Onboarding

How to send files with VoceChat API?

VoceChat sending files requires uploading the file(s) first:


Check swagger to see the API details, also, all API involved requires the user's session token to be passed through header: x-api-key.

First step: prepare

API:/resource/file/prepare。 This will POST two parameters:

  • content_type: should stay the same as in the http header: content-type. More infr: MIME
  • filename: filename and the extension, e.g., file.txt, abc.png.

A file_id will be generated which will be used later.

Second step:upload

API:/resource/file/upload. This API supports chunck uploading (optional), if used(recommended chunck size is 200KB), you need to call this several times, each call will POST the following:

  • file_id: the last step's file_id
  • chunk_data: the file chunck
  • chunk_is_last: whether this is the last chunck

If you want to upload a whole file together, set chunk_data to the whole file, and set chunk_is_last to be true, then you can upload the file all at once.

When the last chunck is uploaded, you will receive:

"path": "string",
"size": 0,
"hash": "string",
"image_properties": {
"width": 0,
"height": 0

We need to use this path in the next step!

Third step:send file message

Here is an example to send this file to a user:


  • Set header: content-type:vocechat/file
  • The uid should be the receiver's uid (see it at the front end url)
  • POST
    "path": "string"
    This path is the path you received in the second step.

After installing and onboarding, there is always a loading sign.

Make sure your server API has no CDN, you have to make sure /api has no CDN.